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I respect bees more than I respect white men in positions of power

bees make an important contribution to the survival of the human race which makes them the exact opposite of white men in positions of power

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we are losing our BOYS. they don’t smile anymore, they don’t tweet us. niall died last week and no one even noticed. 


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if someone “fights like a girl” you should be absolutely terrified of them have ever seen a girl fight they’ll rip your fucking throat out with their hands while the guys are still doing that weird cobra posturing thing for five minutes 

Bun realness. 21.9.14. San Antonio, Texas. Photo by me.



ive found a flaw in communism this is why it doesnt work. if theres one car manufacturer to make one type of car so everyone has the same car, how will uou find your own car in a parkinglot. um? checkmate

haha hell yea this is why ive been voting for ronald reagan every year since 1980

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Have some fashion  ||  Yves Saint Laurent s/s 2013 RTW

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i love fall colors and fall drinks and fall activities and fall weather and fall clothes but most of all i love fall out boy

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[niall voice] I knowwww…I knOWWWWW.. I knoww everybody gonna like the song when the rest of it comes out

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